Zanders-Stellhorn, Kathy Chief Financial Officer 111
Marc Ziebold Director of Accounting 141
Keller, Sissy Accounts Receivable 184
Curten, Barb Accounts Receivable 120
Rehmer, Toni Accounts Receivable 110
Taylor, Stacy Accounts Payable 112
Kinzel, Lorna Advertising Manager 124
Rednour, Nyla Advertising 114
Hooten, Alicia Advertising 134
ATF Records
Groetecke, Marian ATF Records 126
Business Operations
Zanders, Dennis President
Zanders, Stefanie VP/Chief Operating Officer 129
Wilson, Dana Human Resources Director 178
Jeffers, Teresa Direct Ship Account Manager 109
Harms, Gail Business Operations 119
Renner, Brooke Business Operations 156
Hernandez, Teresa Custodian
Customer Service
Zanders, Jill Customer Service Manager 171
Bates, Sharon Customer Service 136
Chartrand, Violet Customer Service 153
Pierce, Sue Customer Service 128
Eley Specialist/Import Sales
Phillips, Rebecca 151
Sutton, Michael 121
Equipment Maintenance
Salger, Nathan
Information Technology
Seeger, Herb Director of I.T. 146
Ruebusch, Brian Applications Specialist 127
Sanders, John IT Support 107
Rob Walls Systems Administrator 147
Mugele, Mitchell IT Support 148
Schoenbeck, Mark Purchasing Manager 103
Chartrand, Neil Purchasing 125
Denning, Steve Eley Sales and Marketing/Importing 106
Eaton, Bart Purchasing 123
Kiefer, Evelyn Purchasing Assistant 101
Williams, Carrie Executive Secretary 143
Zanders, Glenda Purchasing 105
Seibold, Darell Purchasing 113
Roetemeyer, Josh Purchasing 133
Zanders-Cox, Christine Purchasing Assistant 176
Roscow, Lana Operator 100
Siegler, Daniel Sales Manager 173
Locker, Danielle Business Development 198
Fleming, Brandon Sales 188
Buch, Diane Sales 144
Dinsmore, Corey Sales 183
Cox, Jayce Sales 196
Hill, Bruce Sales 195
Skeeters, Nick Sales 152
Kapp, Richard Sales 197
Fey, Steven Sales 155
Kolweier, Mandy Sales 115
Kueker, Kim Sales 122
Nurnberger, Ryan Sales 118
Poole, Scott Sales 181
Thone, Jason Sales 187
Sauget, Zoey Sales 142
Van Pelt, Gary Sales 116
Walsh, Steven Sales 140
Seeger, Jason Shipping Manager 132
Muench, Diane Shipping 132
Guebert, Sharon Shipping 132
Kearns, Debbie Shipping 132
Voelkel, Beth Shipping 132
Karban, Davida Shipping 132
Juenger, Julia Shipping 132
Dobyns, Terri Shipping 132
Boyke, Louise Shipping 132
Shipping - 2nd Shift
Douglas, Sara Shift Leader 132
Jeffers, Crystal Shipping 132
Raby, Sharon Shipping 132
Fears, Kane Shipping 132
Wydeck, Patrick Shipping 132
Allard, Janis Shipping 132
Weissert, Randall Shipping 132
VanMil, Kaye Shipping 132
Cox, Brian Transportation Manager 179
Clements, Jon Transportation 150
Williams, Robby Transportation 150
Krantz, Doug Warehouse Manager 135
Wittenborn, Ben Receiving Manager 137
Rhodes, Phyllis WMS Dispatch 194
Caron, Jerry Warehouse
Fraembs, Matt Warehouse
Gibbs, Lucas Warehouse
Newgent, Jennifer Warehouse
Taylor, Annie Warehouse
Ring, Autumn Warehouse
Kessler, Darren Warehouse
Rieke, Zach Warehouse
Rushing, Jeff Warehouse
Warehouse - 2nd Shift
Douglas, Cruz Shift Manager 193
Litton, Jeff Receiving 137
Happel, Maryann Warehouse 131
Brown, Jennifer Warehouse 131
Raney, Shilyn Warehouse 131
Bohannon, Jon Warehouse
Mezel, Brian Warehouse
Mezel, Chris Warehouse
Berry, Garrett Warehouse
Gregory, Levi Warehouse