Established in 1828 by William and Charles Eley, the company has a long and proud tradition in the manufacture of high quality ammunition. Specializing in .22 rimfire products, which are sold in more than 130 countries, Eley is widely regarded as the world leader with its flagship product TENEX.

Eley Robot



William Eley had three sons who inherited the business from him in 1842. They vigorously developed the business in the second half of the nineteenth century, which included a major expansion in 1874 through the sale of shares to the public. During this period Eley won many awards for the quality of its products throughout the world, the most prestigious being the Grand Prix which was bestowed on the company at the Paris Exhibitions of 1898 and 1900. The early 1900s saw a major development when Eley became one of the founding members of Nobel Industries alongside the world renowned Kynoch Company. In 1928 the business moved to its current site in Birmingham as a subsidiary of what is now Imperial Metal Industries plc, a major publicly quoted multinational engineering conglomerate.


Looking Forward

Eley's commitment to consistently providing the worlds best cartridges is unparalleled. In 2000/2001 our considerable investment in the new and revolutionary Tenex Ultimate EPS and Match EPS ranges, took target shooting to a new level. In May of 2003 Eley completed a huge investment in a historically significant relocation of Eley to a purpose built factory a few miles from our old location - not only does this demonstrate Eley's long term commitment as the world's leading supplier of quality cartridges, more particularly it enables us to continue to improve our customer service and gives us the modern facilities vital for future product research and development - all needed to remain the best in our field.


New Factory


Technology and Development

Eley is a world leader in product research and development and invests a sizeable percentage of its annual income in ensuring that it remains at the the forefront of technology. Indeed, it is this commitment which has enabled the company to develop TENEX, the most successful .22 cartridge the world has ever known and winner of more Olympic gold medals than all competitive products. Eley's technological excellence extends well beyond its product research and development. The benefits of its policy of continuous capital investment and manufacturing systems devolopment are clearly evident in what is one of the most modern, automated and efficient production units in the world. A key aspect of the company's technological lead is the Eley Autoprime System which was developed by the company in the early 1980s and remains to this day the only fully automated dry priming system in the world. Such investment in technology inevitably reflects in high levels of product and systems quality, features which are acknowledged by virtue of the company's accreditation to the ISO 9002 European standard.